Existential Situation – Operazione Arcevia – 1976

In August 1973 the architect Ico Parisi with the entrepreneur Italo Bartoletti , with art critics Enrico Crispolti , Pierre Restany and the psychologist Antonio Miotto imagine “Operation Arcevia –  Existential Community”.

Operazione Arcevia will take place at Palazzo Fraction of Arcevia in the Province of Ancona, Marche, in a hilly pre-Apennine characterized by urban settlements of historical areas and high ridges. The socio-economic situation overall records the structural changes in the region after the Second World War, leaving the City of Arcevia in a total exclusion with lack of services and opportunities of urban type, to this end, propose a model of development is not competitive to the urban but encourage alternative models in order to improve the quality of life. Agricultural activity has an ‘extremely important as environmental conservation activities and therefore one of the key factors in tourism development of the territory. The starting point of Operation Arcevia and ‘the finding of socio economic and cultural degradation of the area because of its progressive depopulation, then comes the need for action to groped to give a new dimension to the area itself. Parisi, as already in his hypothesis for a house existential recourse to the intervention of

Performance. Fatima – Operazione Arcevia – 1976

“beauticians” involving them in restructuring the architectural environment of the settlement that will be born. Painters, sculptors, filmmakers, musicians and other contemporary artists are invited to propose solutions fantastic stress, psychological and emotional.

Enrico Crispolti, Antonio Miotto and Pierre Restany with Bartoletti and Parisi form the first technical committee. It is expected a hotel with a capacity of 50 seats, a secular retreat with

First Planimetry – Operazione Arcevia – 1976

32 seats with regard to tourist accommodation, you will get 20 jobs in agriculture, 60 jobs in the service sector and 200 jobs in the secondary sector ( crafts). There are regular cultural activities, integrated into the architectural fabric of a meeting room, an exhibition hall, a venue for concerts and outdoor art activities, a finishing school joined in a center of craft production, a building for worship, sports equipment , commercial services and spaces for union activities and policy. Under the aspect of pedestrian mobility and traffic is provided a strict functional distinction by setting an axis of the external vehicular traffic in order to ensure the total pedestrianization of internal services to the nucleus. Existential community does not mean therapeutic community but expresses a standard of living

Urban Situation – Operazione Arcevia – 1976

nearest the needs deep man yesterday (1970), not mere evasion of escapism type residential village and even a model of rigid patterns such as a house care but is the residents to discover the new dimension of life. The ratio of people-guests, artisans, merchants and farmers will be enhanced to the maximum and each artist comes out in a certain way from their work habits and engages in size and new problems. Do not, therefore, proposes his works transferred from your study but its solutions for intervention in this urban and social context of small dimensions”. Ico Parisi

Performance. Fatima – Operazione Arcevia – 1976

Ico Parisi designed in ’72 hypothesis for a house existential hence the opening operation Arcevia city existential although according to the same architect and artist, the two things were totally different procedures and settings . ” The house was existential car design and as such have all the elements to be complete and was finished although hypothetical a real solution to the personal needs which find echoes and feedback in human situations similar . The Transaction Arcevia takes off with territorial , economic , environmental and social deliberately open and available to change up to the time of its coming into being ; the evolution in the proceeding , the ongoing contributions of the working group are its heritage . This continuously adapt in time free – lab project by any possible criticism of experimental utopia . Operation Arcevia wanted to humans on a human scale . ” Ico Parisi

Ricostruzioni fotografiche dell’inserimento ambientale  – Operazione Arcevia – 1976

In 1976 the project Operation Arcevia is presented at the Venice Biennale with great enthusiasm by the press and critics .