A Beginners Practical Guidebook To Applying Mascara Mascara is a beauty used to darken.

To its application Prior, powdering under the optical eye helps since it prevents Mascara smudges. Zigzagging Mascara wand back and during application helps in getting rid of blobs and clumps forth. For a dramatic appearance, the Mascara should be applied only on the higher lashes. But to help make the optical eyes appear wider, you should apply on underneath lashes aswell. For applying Mascara on the lower lashes, a light touch is required, while keeping a cells under the eyes also helps. To obtain a better impact applying a primer coat on the lashes keeps them separated.A new approach for treating colorectal cancer Scientists and surgeons at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre can see a promising new approach to treating colorectal cancer by disarming the gene that drives self-renewal in stem cells that will be the real cause of disease, resistance to treatment and relapse. Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related death under western culture. ‘This is actually the first step toward clinically applying the concepts of tumor stem cell biology to control cancer growth and advance the development of long lasting remedies,’ says principal investigator Dr.