Abortion Pills: Medical and Legal Issues While Mifepristone.

Since its acceptance, the drug have been implicated with the loss of life of 14 ladies in America. Here are other details worthy of noting: Two women passed away after a rupture on ectopic pregnancies. About eight women experienced a systemic bacterial infection. Four women passed away from overdose and toxic shock. Other people who survived had faced severe complications, including coronary attack. Other reported incidents and reactions from acquiring this abortion pill can be mentioned during Canada’s clinical test of the medication in 2001, when a Canadian girl died of septic shock that resulted from a clostridium disease. In 2011, a Portuguese lady also passed away of a septic shock five days after taking the abortion pill just. A total of five non-American females have died caused by taking mifepristone.Abstracts on very small embryonic-like stem cells presented at ASH annual meeting NeoStem, Inc. , which is certainly pioneering the pre-disease collection, processing and long-term storage of adult stem cells for future medical want and holds the exclusive, worldwide permit to VSEL technology that uses very small embryonic-like stem cells isolated from peripheral blood, announced today that an abstract authored by NeoStem-affiliated scientists was presented in a poster demonstration at the prestigious American Society of Hematology Annual Achieving in New Orleans on December 5, 2009.