Accupac to manufacture Access Pharmaceuticals MuGard ACCESS PHARMACEUTICALS.

Accupac to manufacture Access Pharmaceuticals’ MuGard ACCESS PHARMACEUTICALS, INC noopept or modafinil . offers entered into an contract with a respected commercial manufacturer to create its FDA-authorized MuGard for UNITED STATES distribution. One or more U.S. Marketplace seeding research could begin as early as Q4 2009, the company says. In a evaluation of cancer sufferers receiving regular oral mucositis care with those sufferers receiving MuGard , MuGard provides been proven to significantly reduce the incidence and severity of the debilitating side-effect of radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

Franken Healthcare consultant group Accretive programs to answer queries from the Minnesota senator and respond to the state’s lawyer general in a written report to end up being released today. Al Franken, D-Minn., posed last month about the company’s debt-collection techniques and patient-privacy procedures at Fairview hospitals. Talking to Wall Street analysts, Tolan said she plans to possess answers by Friday to Franken’s questions, plus a response to a blistering record that Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson compiled on the Chicago-based firm.