AMAG Pharmaceuticals reports fourth-quarter 2009 net item revenues of $12.

, a biopharmaceutical organization focused on the advancement and commercialization of a therapeutic iron substance to treat iron deficiency anemia and novel imaging agents to aid in the diagnosis of cancer and cardiovascular disease, today reported unaudited consolidated financial results for the fourth 12 months and quarter december 31 ended, 2009.8 million, including $1.3 million of the $11.5 million in previously deferred item revenues. Of the providers that have bought Feraheme to time, more than 1,100 are treating non-dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease patients and more than 60 % have bought on a do it again basis.‘This trial supports additional evidence that providers have become important in their patients’ weight-loss efforts,’ Dr. Wendy Bennett, an associate professor of medication in the educational school of Medicine, stated in a university information release. She noted that lots of weight-loss programs are run commercially, and patients frequently join them without their doctor’s knowledge. ‘Incorporating physicians into future programs might lead patients to more successful weight reduction,’ Bennett said. She added it’s always been known that doctor-patient relationships that include empathy, good communication, collaboration and trust improve the chances that patients will take medicines as prescribed, keep medical appointments and have better outcomes..