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These total results provide strong support for the medical evaluation of ponatinib in patients with RET-driven cancers. The unique design features that allow ponatinib to conquer mutation-based level of resistance in CML, like the gatekeeper mutation, also apply to its activity against its various other tyrosine kinase targets including RET, FGFR and KIT, mentioned Timothy P. Clackson, Ph.D., president of research and development and chief scientific officer at ARIAD. These preclinical data strongly support moving forward with evaluating ponatinib in RET-positive cancers, and we anticipate the beginning of a Phase 2 investigator-sponsored trial in patients with RET-positive NSCLC in this second one fourth of 2013.It has been shown that 90 percent of hypertensive Canadians have additional cardiovascular risk elements. According to a study of Canadian patients acquiring both Adalat XL and low dose acetylsalicylic acid , 93 per cent of individuals indicated a choice for a dual prescription of Adalat XL and ASA and 80 per cent indicated they would take their medication more regularly if offered in this format. Adalat XL Plus is available in cartons made up of 28 Aspirin 81 mg tablets filled with 28 Adalat XL tablets.