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It reduces the oxidation of LDL. According to one meta-analysis, green tea herb can help maintain cholesterol levels. Elevated iron level promotes the oxidation of LDL, but the it also decreases the iron level aswell. Battle Against Microbes Teas is well-known for its antimicrobial capabilities as well. Research studies conducted in relation to this fact revealed that inhibits replication of flu virus by possibly acting on virus. Green tea extract is recognized as immune stimulant to fight tumor and apoptosis also. Green tea extract supplements offer added security against diabetes and metabolic syndrome by decreasing the cholesterol rate and triglycerides. Green tea extract also contains a relaxing amino acid; L-theonine which is proposed to promote relief from stress, healthy stability of neurotransmitters in brain and calm sleep.And they are dying from it. The New York Times article upon this issue is a great read. It’s a good example of stunningly good journalism from the mainstream media, and I would recommend you read it: The NYT, of training course, probably won’t go into the background of Bayer and the Nazi war crimes connection, nevertheless, you can only expect the mainstream media to go so far on these stories. For your truth on issues such as this, you have to turn to websites like NaturalNews which just aren’t powered by pharmaceutical marketing money. That’s where you’ll find out all of those other tale that the MSM isn’t more likely to ever report.. ACA insurance plan expansions could lead to increased emergency department reimbursements Researchers at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Wellness Sciences found that outpatient emergency section encounters could reimburse somewhat more after implementation of the insurance plan expansions of the Affordable Treatment Act .