Not street drugs like cocaine and ecstasy.

According to the CDC, prescription painkiller overdoses killed 15 almost,000 people in the U.S. In 2008, more than three times the number killed by the same medicines in 1999. .. Adult prescription use directly associated with poisoning of children: Study Drugs are harming and killing American kids at a fantastic rate these days – no, not street drugs like cocaine and ecstasy, but pharmaceutical drugs like statins and opioid painkillers rather. And a recent study found that these same pharmaceuticals, which are designed for adult use, certainly are a leading cause of poisoning among young children now. Released in the journal Pediatrics, the study revealed that prescription drugs intended for adults often make it into the hands of young children, particularly those five years and younger, and between age range 13 and 19.3M is a trusted head in auscultation technology. The Littmann Model 3200 features ambient noise reduction technology, which eliminates approximately 85 % of distracting background sounds without filtering out critical body sounds, sound amplification to 24 times louder when compared to a Littmann cardiology quality stethoscope up, frictional noise reduction technology that reduces managing sounds from the chestpiece, and expanded sound range frequency.

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