Offering hope for new therapies.

We will re-style our scientific trials to test how these new therapies can improve patient outcomes following chemotherapy,’ stated Dr Ganju. ‘Our romantic relationship with MIMR means we can make this happen relatively quickly and take instant benefit of this research breakthrough.’ The study, supported by the National Health insurance and Medical Study Council and the Victorian Cancers Agency, was released today in the prestigious journal, Nature Medicine.. A new method of cancer treatment Scientists have discovered a mechanism that causes an aggressive type of lung malignancy to re-grow following chemotherapy, offering hope for new therapies.Let it focus on you. As you take on the #14Days challenge, CBS News will offer encouragement and assistance from leading experts in the fields of health, addiction and recovery. They will touch on topics ranging from motivation to nutrition and diet, new types of substitute treatments, family members recovery, developing mental and spiritual strength, stress reduction, meditation and yoga. Many of these specialists have their own experiences in overcoming addiction, plus some have dedicated their lives to helping others in recovery. This guarantees to be an inspiring, engaging and beneficial two weeks. Jump on the wagon utilizing the hashtag #14Times, and tell us about your experiences.