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[10 Issues You Didn’t FIND OUT ABOUT the Human brain] That same increase of 2 micrograms per cubic meter of fine-particle pollution was also associated with a 46 % upsurge in the participants’ threat of having what experts contact silent strokes, which can be seen on mind scans but don’t usually cause symptoms. Such strokes have been associated with poorer cognitive function and dementia, the researchers said. The researchers found that the people in the study who resided in areas with higher levels of pollution had smaller human brain volumes and were also at higher threat of silent strokes weighed against the people who resided in areas where the air was much less polluted.Because of the size, they are extremely comfortable to use in the home. The best part of Flexaball is definitely that it is cheap in comparison to other fitness devices and is available for about $20 only. Ab Wheel Ab Wheel, intended solely for the workout of the abdomen, is considered probably the most useful exercise equipment for your abdominal muscles.An ab wheel is wonderful for toning the oblique and abdominal muscles. They are user friendly in many aspects, portable, durable, easily available and effective. ‘Ab Circle Pro’ can be a fitness equipment for abs which is popular can be very effective.