Renewing questions about the safety of the medication.

The FDA is said by them must have another drug safety division in addition to the drug-approval section. The head of the FDA’s medication division, Janet Woodcock, provides defended Avandia’s safety and said its benefits still outweigh its dangers. The FDA is now reviewing its drug approval and safety methods . At the time, it had been considered a safer substitute than existing diabetes drugs used rather than insulin. NPR: The problem of Avandia raises queries about the Obama administration’s philosophy on these hotly contested public safety calls. The issue offers divided FDA staffers. In late 2007, the agency’s Drug Safety Oversight Panel – – a panel that will not meet in public areas nor disclose its deliberations – – voted 8-to-7 to keep Avandia available . The Hill: Sen.Lubell, director of open public affairs for APS. The President’s budget sustains momentum envisioned by Bush’s American Competitiveness Initiative and the America COMPETES Action. .. Antidepressants Top Treatment Choice for Severe PMS: Researchers: – WEDNESDAY, Sept. 23, 2015 – – Antidepressants are the first treatment choice for a serious kind of premenstrual syndrome connected with suicidal thoughts, according to a fresh research review. Up to 8 % of females with PMS have this problem, called premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD, according to researchers who evaluated 31 published studies onto it.