Suggests a report in the June Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Some studies have found ACE inhibitors beneficial in IgAN, but these have had important limitations. Actually, the researchers had problems recruiting patients to their study because of media reports suggesting that ACE inhibitors may be the alternative for every type of kidney disease ‘despite the fact that that was just partially true, and for IgAN had not been supported by evidence-based studies,’ Dr. Coppo adds. The finding that ACE inhibitors reduce the risk of progressive kidney disease in youthful patients with early-stage IgAN is specially important, the researchers believe.The genotypes of 87 viral genomes from 155 samples were defined as C4 through sequencing, and the others remained unidentified due to failing of routine RT-PCR to detect the complete sequence of VP1, the gene encoding a capsid protein, for phylogenetic analysis . In a subgroup analysis, the vaccine efficacy against EV71-associated hand, foot, and mouth area disease was similar in children 6 to 23 months old and in those 24 to 71 months old . Among individuals who received only 1 dose of study agent , 2 individuals with EV71-associated hand, foot, and mouth disease were recognized among 498 placebo recipients, in comparison with non-e among 514 vaccine recipients.