Then witness the counterattack and assault of viral bacteria at a cellular level.

It will keep them both amazed and a little uncomfortable within their own skin perhaps. But it will certainly be an unforgettable experience. The 18-minute Planet You 3D film is an original production and licensing venture of The Health Museum and The Museum of Research, Boston. This film is the first of a well planned series of Planet You 3D film collaborations that will tease the senses and amaze the mind. The partnership between your two institutions marks the 1st time in museum/science center history that initial also, science-based, digital 3D films will be produced for a museum-focused audience.m.Patients received an individually tailored cure based on their unique TB strain, including at least five drugs to which their stress was susceptible . According to the study, the mixture treatment of five effective TB medicines and two much less effective TB drugs successfully treated 48.3 percent of the XDR-TB patients and 66.7 percent of the MDR-TB patients. A study published previously this month in the New England Journal of Medicine reported similar outcomes in HIV-unfavorable XDR-TB and MDR-TB patients in Peru . The study was funded by the Costs and Melinda Gates Base and the Eli Lilly Base . Keshavjee stated the 48.3 percent treatment achievement rate among XDR-TB sufferers is promising because XDR-TB has been touted as untreatable .