Upper secondary school is a challenging stage for most young people particularly.

The study was completed at the Academy of Finland’s Center of Excellence in Learning and Inspiration Research, and comprised 1,800 teenagers. The study focused particularly on college students’ trajectories to well-getting or complications during transitional stages within their education. Transitions in one stage of education to another impact on the well-becoming of young people plus they need support during these life stages. A healthy level of self-esteem can be a protecting factor, Salmela-Aro says. According to Salmela-Aro, college burnout in higher secondary school will complicate the changeover to further studies, while an enthusiasm for school tends to predict a successful transition to another education level.The study was designed by the first writer and the steering committee in collaboration with the sponsor, Bayer Health care. The institutional review panel at each participating middle approved the process. Data were collected regarding to Good Clinical Practice recommendations at the investigation sites. The steering committee acquired access to the entire database. The statistical evaluation was performed by a statistician employed by the sponsor and was examined by the first author. All the drafts of the manuscript were made by the first writer, and editorial assistance, funded by the sponsor, was supplied by Adelphi Communications.