3SBio signs exclusive license contract with JenKem for PEG-irinotecan 3SBio Inc.

.. 3SBio signs exclusive license contract with JenKem for PEG-irinotecan 3SBio Inc., a leading biotechnology company located in China concentrating on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing biopharmaceutical products, today that it all has entered into a special license agreement with JenKem Technology Co announced., Ltd for the development, marketing and production in Mainland China of PEG-irinotecan, a long-acting polymer-medication conjugate which inhibits topoisomerase I . Topo-I is definitely over-expressed in many solid tumors, including colorectal, ovarian, breast, glioma, and small cell and non-little cell lung cancers. Each year, approximately 1.2 million patients are diagnosed with one of these types of tumor in China.Patient 6, who had blended testicular atrophy, had a splicing mutation within the last bottom of exon 7, c.A150A, coding exon 5) that interrupted the exonic donor splice site . The mutation was expected to affect a TPR-containing area . Patient 5, who got meiotic arrest, acquired a splicing mutation in the donor splice site of intron 11, c. This splicing mutation was expected to interrupt the extremely conserved meiosis-particular domain SPO22 . Patient 4, who had meiotic arrest, got a donor splice-site mutation in intron 22, c. Patient 7, who also acquired meiotic arrest, experienced a missense mutation in exon 25, c.A698T), that was predicted to bring about the substitution of an alanine residue to a more substantial and polar threonine residue in a TPR-containing region .