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AOptix, Aware to demonstrate combined biometrics system at Biometrics Consortium Conference AOptix Technologies, Inc., will end up being demonstrating a prototype dual-factor iris and encounter biometrics system in the AOptix exhibition booth at the forthcoming Biometrics Consortium Conference and Technology Expo.75 cubic meters, look at the system and open their eyes. Simultaneous face and iris catch represents an important milestone for the biometrics market. AOptix foresees strong demand for combined biometrics solutions across many applications. .Supply ATS Medical, Inc.

5 Calcium-rich Foods to Keep Your Joints who is fit Strong bones and supple joints are the crucial to google health. As we get older, especially reach our 50’s, the joints in our body become less stronger leading to join pains and several other bone aliments. As a result, keeping our bones and joints healthy is imperative and is definitely the only way to leading a wholesome life when we’re previous our prime. Just how do we keep our joints healthier and stronger? The reply is by eating right foods, doing regular exercises and in some cases, taking dietary health supplements. There are specific foods that are especially good for our joint health insurance and they contribute to the wellbeing of your joints every day.