A case of onycholysis Onycholysis can be either primary or secondary.

There was no history suggesting irritation of the distal fingers and she was in any other case well, with no past history of additional skin diseases. She had normal skin otherwise. Her father had active psoriasis not affecting his fingernails or joints moderately. She denied manicuring her nails and she didn’t frequently have her hands in water. Her GP purchased two models of nail clippings for fungal tradition; there was no growth on the first occasion and a light development of Candidiasis on the second set of clippings. She had been taking no medications.. A case of onycholysis Onycholysis can be either primary or secondary.It is done to provide a smooth and organic look to that person that fits with the normal skin color. This technology is helpful in hiding the dark places, redness, and other marks. Thus, it makes your skin layer radiant and you get an complexion even. It gives a completed appearance to that person. There are no ragged edges left out. People who have sensitive skin can also go for airbrush makeup. There are various kinds of airbrush makeup designed for people with different pores and skin types. You can use water based air brush constitute if your epidermis is very sensitive.