ActiveCare announces option of new line of services for aging individuals ActiveCare Inc.

ActiveCare’s services are given through the innovative ActiveOne PAL handset. ActiveCare services range from GPS area and fall detection, by the built-in accelerometer, to turn-by-turn directions and simple mobile phone connections. Reminder or check-in calls can be scheduled to keep seniors on the right track with daily activities, meals or medications while offering reassurance to caregivers. When connected to the CareCenter, users can get turn-by-turn directions, roadside assistance or area identification to supply for a loved one, caregiver or emergency services, if needed.Ads saying milk products assist you to lose weight are misleading There have been recent claims that dairy products might help people lose weight, and the dairy industry has hyped the assertion by investing huge amount of money in commercial advertising. Nevertheless, a fresh review of the data published in the journal Diet Reviews reveals that neither dairy nor calcium intake promotes weight loss. Amy Joy Lanou of the University of NEW YORK at Asheville and Neal Barnard with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medication in Washington, DC, evaluated evidence from 49 clinical trials from 1966 to 2007 that assessed the result of milk, milk products, or calcium intake on body BMI and pounds, with or without the use of dieting.