An international award for operational excellence.

Abbott's vascular devices manufacturing unit in Clonmel, Ireland, received the award, recognizing the site's initiative to develop and maintain continuous improvement to accomplish operational excellence. The prize is definitely awarded to organizations that demonstrate a tradition where principles of operational excellence are deeply embedded in to the thinking and behavior of most leaders, associates and managers. Only the highest-performing businesses are believed for the Shingo Prize, said Robert Miller, executive director at the Shingo Institute.The beauty of the approach is that the four bases simply fit the 2 2.5 nanometer gap, so that it is one size fits all, but only so just! As of this scale, which is a few atomic diameters wide, quantum phenomena are at play where in fact the electrons can actually leak from one electrode to the various other, tunneling through the DNA bases along the way. Each of the chemical substance bases of the DNA genetic code, abbreviated A, C, G or T, gives a unique electrical signature because they pass between the gap in the electrodes. By error and trial, and a little bit of serendipity, they found that just a single chemical modification to both electrodes could differentiate between all 4 DNA bases. We’ve today produced a generic DNA sequence reader and so are the first group to survey the detection of all 4 DNA bases in a single tunnel gap, stated Lindsay.