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The reason why for withdrawal from the analysis are listed in Physique 1. The demographic characteristics of the infants and the proportion of children who were infected with HIV were equivalent over the study groups. Efficacy Severe gastroenteritis caused by circulating rotavirus was detected in 70 of 1443 infants in the placebo group in comparison with 56 of 2974 infants in the pooled vaccine group , producing a vaccine efficacy against the principal outcome of severe rotavirus gastroenteritis of 61.2 percent . Vaccination with the rotavirus vaccine prevented 5.0 episodes of severe rotavirus gastroenteritis per 100 infant-years . The vaccine demonstrated efficacy against severe rotavirus gastroenteritis both in infants who received two dosages of vaccine and in those that received three doses .And while no crystal clear association was seen between trans body fat consumption and an increased risk for either stroke or diabetes, trans fat was linked to a 21 % bump in the chance for developing cardiovascular disease. However, the scholarly research didn’t prove that consuming trans fats causes heart disease or early death. Lona Sandon, an assistant professor of clinical nourishment with the University of Texas Southwestern INFIRMARY at Dallas, cautioned against interpreting the study’s mixed message as a license to take it easy limits on saturated body fat consumption.