Cheuk-Man Yu.

The echocardiographic images were stored and sent to the core laboratory for evaluation by echocardiographic professionals who were unacquainted with the assigned treatment. The study protocol was approved by the neighborhood ethics committee at each participating institution and complies with the provisions of the Declaration of Helsinki. Written educated consent was attained from all patients. The study, which was sponsored by Medtronic, was an investigator-initiated clinical trial, and the protocol was designed and compiled by investigators who were people of the steering committee .Anticholinergics Interacting Drug/Class: Anticholinergics Rationale: Interaction increases the threat of cognitive decline. Recommendation: Avoid or minimize the amount of anticholinergic agents. Dementia is a huge public concern, and there are always a growing amount of adults with the problem, Dr. Brandt told program attendees. Too often, we are not searching at the anticholinergic burden when evaluating patients. Continue Reading >> 4. Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, Benzodiazepines, and Benzodiazepine-Receptor Agonists Interacting Drug/Class: Two or more central nervous system drugs Rationale: Conversation has been shown to increase the risk of falls. Recommendation: Avoid 3 or even more CNS drugs, and minimize the amount of CNS drugs.