Eclipsys announce merger Allscripts.

The secondary offering and talk about buyback transactions will be subject to Misys shareholder approval, and will be subject to other circumstances precedent, including: Misys finding a price per talk about in the secondary offering of a minimum of $16.50; and Allscripts obtaining debt financing enough to complete the share buyback. The closing of the financing for the talk about buyback is at the mercy of execution of definitive mortgage documentation, compliance by Allscripts with monetary covenants and other closing conditions.Early response was associated with higher rate of sustained virologic response in all three organizations . An evaluation of treatment effect according to subgroups of baseline characteristics showed that the numerical odds of a sustained virologic response was greater, across all subgroups, with either response-guided triple therapy or 44-week triple therapy than with the typical of care . Although there was a sustained virologic response in 12 more individuals in group 3 than in group 2, the rates in each group did not differ significantly . A similarly small difference was seen between these two groups during the period in which the therapy was similar , with 9 to 14 more sufferers having an undetectable HCV RNA level during treatment weeks 8 to 36 in group 3 than in group 2 . In post hoc exploratory analyses, we observed that this difference appeared to be driven by individuals with cirrhosis at baseline: the %age of patients with cirrhosis who experienced an undetectable HCV RNA level at week 8 was 18 percent in group 2, versus 73 percent in group 3, despite similar treatment through this time point .