Frederik Barkhof.

Increases in mean arterial pressure happened in both fingolimod groups through the first six months and remained steady between 6 and 12 months.25-mg group and two in the 0.5-mg group . In three patients, the macular edema was diagnosed and asymptomatic by ophthalmologic examination. Five of the six cases were detected within 4 months following the start of therapy. The edema resolved within three months after discontinuation of fingolimod in four patients, was unchanged one month after discontinuation in a single patient, and was reduced 8 months after discontinuation in one patient.By reducing the availability of guns, potentially you can have a substantial effect on public safety, said lead author Ziming Xuan, an assistant professor of community health sciences in the Boston University College of Public Health. This relationship seems to hinge on adult gun ownership, the researchers found. If restrictive gun laws and regulations lower the rate of adult gun possession, then teens are less inclined to have guns to carry around, according to their findings. Bindu Kalesan, an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University’s Mailman College of Public Health in NEW YORK, said that study is saying, adult gun ownership may be the real problem. She had not been involved with the research. However, this study just showed an association between gun control laws and the chances of teens carrying firearms.