Our exceptionally rated Large Option views a four % upsurge in its rate click here.

APWU adds new enhances and benefits old plans for 2010 2010 APWU Health Program is proud to announce our new prices and benefits in 2010 2010 click here . Our exceptionally rated Large Option views a four % upsurge in it’s rate, while the versatile Consumer Driven Option sees a zero % boost. APWU Health Plan is offering the same comprehensive protection that we’ve generally offered plus this season we are adding new benefits and enhancing previous ones. We are offering zero out-of-pocket charges for treatment of hypertension and diabetes with the new Diabetes and Hypertension Administration Programs, free of charge in-network screenings, and a sophisticated dental benefit. APWU Health plan is focused on bringing our users the very best in coverage and fresh advantages to make you exist well..

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