Protective Eyewear in Girls Field Hockey Means Fewer Injuries: MONDAY.

And, the study found that the chances of sustaining an eye injury were more than three times as saturated in areas where the mandate was not implemented compared with areas where it was implemented. The findings may help sports medication communities adopt policy changes regarding rules and protective equipment that can potentially reduce student-athlete injuries that are largely preventable, said study author Dr. Peter Kriz, a sports medicine orthopedist at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, R.I. Almost 70,000 student-athletes take part in high school field hockey in the usa, the scholarly study said.‘We realize what the difficulties are, and we understand how to address them–but we also acknowledge that Africa’s fragile wellness systems represent an enormous barrier to wider application of the solutions highlighted in this record. If we are to keep moving forward, African governments and their partners must make a significant commitment and invest even more funds to strengthen health systems,’ stated Dr Luis Gomes Sambo, Regional Director of the WHO Regional Workplace for Africa. To find out more get in touch with: Addis Ababa Sam Ajibola Communications Officer, Regional Workplace for Africa Mobile phone: +242 653 7022 E-mail: Geneva Iain Simpson Communications Officer, WHO Geneva Cellular phone: +4179 475 5534 E-mail: London Judith Mandelbaum-Schmid Communications Officer, WHO Geneva Cellular phone: +41 79 254 6835 E-mail:.

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