The Agenda for Change is component of ACOEMs broad Healthful Workforce Now initiative.

The initiative combines health-promotion activities and educational equipment for workers and companies, clinical and practice management resources for physicians, and advocacy with national policymakers for changes to the ongoing health care system. At the top of ACOEM’s agenda is a require a new ‘national lifestyle of health at work,’ followed by other action items, ranging from better gain access to to health care services for workers, a reduction in wellness disparities and improvements to the workers’ compensation system to raised integration of place of work health and public health insurance and safety and more powerful response to environmental health threats.We hypothesized that CCR5 blockade with maraviroc early after allogeneic HSCT might inhibit lymphocyte trafficking and reduce the incidence of severe GVHD. We also assessed the consequences of maraviroc on useful T-cell assays and hematopoietic colony development. Detailed methods are explained in the Supplementary Appendix, obtainable with the full text of this article at Patients and Treatment We performed a phase 1 and 2 single-group clinical trial to study the role of maraviroc when it had been added to conventional GVHD prophylaxis after reduced-intensity conditioned HSCT for patients with hematologic cancers.