The first-of-its-kind data-driven collaboration among public.

Data gathered will be used to greatly help individuals self-manage their disease, to greatly help companies manage asthma better in the community and to help the City of Louisville learn patterns of asthma burden correlated to environmental elements .. AIR Louisville to use digital health technology to boost asthma Today marks the start of AIR Louisville, the first-of-its-kind data-driven collaboration among public, private and philanthropic agencies to use digital health technology to boost asthma. Kentucky has the fourth highest adult asthma prevalence in america and Louisville consistently ranks among the very best 20 ‘most challenging’ towns to reside in with asthma.‘The feeling of getting unsafe is most likely worse in cyberbullying compared with traditional bullying. Traditional bullying typically occurs on college grounds, so victims are safe at least of their homes. With cyberbullying, victims are accessible a day a full day, seven days a complete week. ‘ The results suggest that cyberbullying can be an increasingly important kind of harmful behavior, the authors note. ‘There exists a need to produce cyberenvironments and supervision offering clear and constant norms for healthy cyberbehavior. Clinicians working in child and adolescent health solutions should be aware that cyberbullying is potentially traumatizing,’ they conclude. ‘Policy makers, educators, parents and adolescents themselves should become aware of the potentially harmful effects of cyberbullying.’.

Adults nationwide concerned about use of e-cigarettes by kids and teens Almost half of parents concerned their child shall try e-cigarettes; support high for prohibiting sale to kids, says U-M National Poll on Children's Health Adults nationwide are worried about the use of e-cigarettes by kids and teens, with 44 % indicating worries that the products shall encourage children to use tobacco items, according to a fresh poll from the University of Michigan.