Wenying Yang.

A total of 54,240 individuals were selected and invited to take part in the scholarly study; 47,325 persons completed the study. The entire response rate was 87.3 percent: 81.0 percent for men and 92.0 percent for women; 88.1 percent of those who lived in urban areas and 82.7 percent of those who lived in rural areas responded. After the exclusion of 538 individuals for whom demographic info was missing and 548 for whom data on fasting or 2-hour plasma glucose levels were missing, 46,239 adults were contained in the final analysis. The institutional review board or ethics committee at each participating institution approved the scholarly study protocol.15 to Jan. 31, users who go to AlbertsonsWellbeing.com and tweet the announcement listed you will see entered to win a $500 gift card. To learn more, visit AlbertsonsWellbeing.com.

22 percent of study respondents have reduced number of physician appointments to save money, survey finds Twenty-two % of respondents to a survey possess reduced the amount of situations they visit their doctor because of the current financial state in the U.S., based on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The poll of 686 consumers, released on Tuesday and carried out in July, also discovered that 11 percent of respondents said that they had reduced the amount of prescription drugs they take or the dosage of these medications to create them last longer.