Who are not medical doctors.

The power directed at the Kentucky Table of Optometric Examiners is certainly of great concern to physicians because it offers significant implications for quality of care. To ensure patient safety, KAEPS, the Kentucky Medical Association and the Kentucky Osteopathic Medical Association are calling for this law and its regulations to be totally re-examined with the input from the medical community. The needs and protection of individuals must arrive first, added Larry Suess, Perform, Ph.D., president, KOMA..Gene Green, D-Houston, and Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., would phase away the waiting period over a number of years while immediately eliminating it for those who have life-threatening conditions . Such efforts come as much worry about how the aging population will impact Medicare’s purse strings. The Associated Press reviews on the growing amount of seniors who are older than a century: Once virtually nonexistent, the world’s populace of centenarians is definitely projected to reach nearly 6 million by midcentury. That’s pushing the median age group toward 50 in many developed nations and challenging sights of what it means to be older and middle-age. The number of centenarians currently has jumped from an estimated few thousand in 1950 to more than 340,000 worldwide today, with the best concentrations in the U.S.