With respect to ASTRO.

Kennedy. He’s the elected president and co-founder of Marwood Group & Co., a ongoing wellness care-focused financial services firm. Kennedy earned his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University, a master’s level from Yale University and his rules degree from the University of Connecticut Law School. He is a dynamic leader in the civil privileges movement for people with disabilities and health insurance and disability law problems. Kennedy is particularly dedicated to this work because he is a cancers survivor-30 years back he lost his leg to osteogenic sarcoma, a rare kind of bone cancer.. ASTRO selects Boston-area resident while 2012 Survivor Circle Award winner The American Society for Radiation Oncology has selected Boston-area resident and prostate cancer survivor Emanuel ‘Manny’ Hamelburg as its 2012 Survivor Circle Award winner.Under conditions of the collaboration, Saneca will supply intermediates, and where appropriate, procedure transfer technology to enable AMRI to develop over two dozen APIs. Based on customer demand, AMRI shall prepare the U.S. Regulatory filings, and pursuing FDA approval, will manufacture the APIs at its U.S. DEA accepted facilities. The ongoing companies will share revenue of any marketed APIs resulting from the collaboration. Additional information on the agreement possess not been disclosed. ‘We very pleased to be entering into this strategic collaboration with Saneca,’ stated George Svokos, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, AMRI.